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Effective Remedies To Get Rid of Migraine

Migraine is a neurologic disorder in which a person faces severe headaches and sudden pain in one side of the head. Migraine can caused by overactive nerve cells in your brain which send out signals that trigger your trigeminal nerve which eventually leads to headaches. According to a few research, migraines can happen due to many other reasons such as extra sensitivity to light, weather changes, or more. It is necessary that you consult with your doctor during severe headaches. As per various studies, consuming a few foods can help you in reducing migraines. 

Risks Related to Migraine 

There are many risks associated with migraines such as depression, sleep disorder, Dehydration, Cardiovascular diseases, and more. These risks can be reduced when you have proper knowledge about the treatment and remedies you can follow for reducing migraine. 

Migraine Diagnosis 

For diagnosis of migraine, you have observed your headaches and it may be possible that your family history may be related to migraine. It is essential that you consult with a doctor and then he will let you know about the physical and neurological tests which are needed for diagnosis. Few hospitals also advise for MRI scan or CT scan for diagnosis. There are many hospitals that provide services for the diagnosis and treatment of migraine. Criticare Hospital is one of the Best Neurology Hospital in Lucknow which provide advanced treatment plan and top services to their patients. 

Reasons Behind Migraine 

A migraine attack can be severe if you do not diagnose it early. It is necessary to know the cause behind the migraine because according to that you can get treatment. There are many reasons which are behind migraine such as work stress, bright flashing lights, excessive caffeine, sudden changes in sleep patterns, continuous working on a laptop or computer for many hours in a day, and other factors that may cause migraines in any person. 

Ways To Get Rid of Migraine

There are many treatments by which migraine symptoms can be reduced. Most effective ways will not only help in reducing the migraine symptoms but it also helps in decreasing your severe headaches. Neurologists may help in treating these symptoms. In is advisable to consult with a neurologist to find effective remedies to get rid of migraine. Criticare hospital is known for its best neurologist in Lucknow as they provide the right treatment to each patient and advise them remedies too. 

Many people think that migraine can be treated just with painkillers but it is not true. Before consuming any medicine you have to consult with your neurologist. Medicines like paracetamol or any other medicine can give you instant relief from the pain but finding the cause behind migraine must be your priority. Keep in mind that painkillers are effective when taken on the first sign of a possible migraine attack and it reduces the pain. You should carefully read the instructions and advice which is mentioned on the package of medicine.  

If regular painkillers are not relieving your migraine symptoms then you should immediately visit your neurologist.  Triptans might be helpful in a few cases of migraine when you face severe headaches. But you have to understand that triptans may have side effects such as chest, limb, or face pain, drowsiness, warm sensations, or more. Before taking this medicine you have to consult with your doctor and follow his instructions only. 

You can also take the help of combination medicines as they are mostly consulted by doctors and easily available at pharmacies too.  A combination of both anti-sickness medicine and painkillers is beneficial in severe headaches. If you are facing headaches in a sudden or continuous way then you can take anti-sickness and painkillers separately too. 

Acupuncture or exercises – you can also take the help of neuro physician because acupuncture or exercises related to migraines may be more effective in a few migraine cases. You can also take medicines which are advised by your doctor and also take the help of acupuncture or exercises on a regular basis. 

Whereas Anti-sickness medicine is also effective in many migraine cases. These medicines are prescribed by doctors if the migraine-facing person is not feeling sick. Intaking this medicine may result in side effects too. 


It is essential to consult your neurologist before taking any medicine because it might have any side effects that lead to severe pain or other medical issues. If you feel any severe symptoms of migraine then it is necessary to discuss with your neurologist to get the right treatment.

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