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Patient FAQs

Patient FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency is open 24×7. So you can visit at the time of medical emergency

Yes, CT Coronary Angiography available at Criticare Hospital, Lucknow. We have the best Machine for CT Coronary Angiography at Criticare Hospital, Lucknow.

Yes, Criticare Hospital Lucknow has 24×7 Heart Helpline for any and every Cardiac Emergency.

Visit Criticare hospital Lucknow and meet our urologist. It can be a sign of urinary tract/ bladder cancer.

Personalized Healthcare

You can call ohiical team if your child, teenager or famigh difficulties.

Professional Team

Detects the presence or absence of flow into blood vessels via the skin.

Regularly checkup

Device provides continuous recording of electrical activity of the heart

Nuclear Stress Testing

Treatment of congenital heart defects, disease and electrophysiology

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