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Nephrology & Dialysis Centre in Lucknow

When the kidneys cease functioning properly, a treatment called dialysis is used to eliminate waste materials and extra fluid from the blood. In this process, blood is frequently directed to a machine to be cleansed.

Typically, the kidneys filter the blood to remove dangerous wastes and extra fluid, then transform them into urine that is excreted from the body.

A catheter is typically placed before dialysis, depending on the situation, either on the arm or in the abdomen.

It could or might not be necessary to fast before the surgery. Observe the directions provided. Typically, hospitalization is not necessary unless there is severe renal failure, in which case CRRT is utilized.

Our hospital 

Criticare Hospital is one of the best dialysis hospitals in Lucknow, providing patients with kidney-related illnesses and ailments with diagnosis, care, and therapy. Patients with conditions as diverse as acute kidney illness, kidney stones, and uncommon kidney abnormalities that may progress to chronic kidney disease have been effectively treated by us.

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