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General Medicine

General Medicine

Best Physician Doctors in LDA Lucknow

One of the main departments of the hospital that offers general physician care to adult patients is the Department of General Medicine. Crticare hospital Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh provides a cure for acute and chronic infections, metabolic disorders like hypertension, obesity, diabetes mellitus, endocrine disorders, liver disorders, renal disorders, cardiac disorders, neurological conditions, nutritional problems, geriatric care, homological disorders, and critical care illnesses.

This department serves as the foundation of the entire hospital, providing Best Doctors for General Physician & Surgery, and delivering opinions and guidance to other departments as needed.

Most specialties are covered in-depth during the most frequent general medicine procedure, which takes place inside a hospital. All aspects of general medicine, including additional hospice interventional procedures, are concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of various types of ailments and diseases. Internists, or “physicians,” are medical professionals who specialize in internal or general medicine. Criticare Hospital is recognized as the Best private hospital for general physician in Lucknow.

Meet and Consult with The Best Physicians in Lucknow

Criticare Hospital’s main goal is to help individuals live healthy lives free from medical relapse or recurrence in the future. Some of Lucknow’s top general physician practitioners work in this area; they take pride in their extensive training, exposure, and knowledge of worldwide treatment standards, which they use to encourage patients to recover quickly.

The best options should always be chosen when it comes to general physician because they have a significant impact on your overall, physical, and mental health. We guarantee that the top general physician doctors in Lucknow will treat you at one of the city’s best general medical facilities.

Some treatments that are included are:
• Diabetes management
• Mental health assessment
• Education Programs
• Blood Pressure checkup
• Treatment for Asthma
• Treatment for Allergies
• Lung Infections
• Treatment for Chronic Cough
• Treatment for Sinusitis
• Treatment for Tuberculosis
• Treatment for Pneumonia

Treatment that is Involved in Criticare Hospital

Our experts will offer the finest alternative for the patient to select once the signs and symptoms have been identified. At our Best Multispeciality Hospital in Lucknow, we provide a wide range of ailments, diseases, and medical conditions are addressed.

Regardless of gender, age, time, or cause pattern, our internal medicine specialty teams are qualified to manage and treat both common and uncommon medical disorders. The following list does not contain all of the frequent medical conditions that our doctors treat and cure:

• Pneumonia
Fever, chills, breathing problems, a bloody cough, and excruciating chest aches are all signs of pneumonia. Antibiotics, oxygen therapy, oral rehydration therapy, or intravenous fluids can all be used to treat it.
• Chronic Respiratory Diseases
Respiratory infections refer to issues with the nose, ears, sinuses, throat, and other body parts. Our team of General Physicians specialists in Lucknow uses a variety of antibiotics to treat a variety of respiratory illnesses, including lung cancer, emphysema, sinus, pleural effusion, etc.
• Asthma
Asthma is a persistent issue that usually affects the respiratory system. Symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and more are brought on by risk factors like allergens and irritants. Our facility is among the top hospitals in Lucknow for the treatment of asthma since we advocate treating any stage of asthma with minimal medication to prevent unexpected episodes.
• Diabetes
We are skilled at lowering blood sugar levels appropriately through the use of insulin and other medications, strategies for absorbing glucose, and recommendations for other lifestyle adjustments.
• Hypothyroidism
Hypothyroidism results when the hormones T3 and T4 are not released at the proper levels. As the leading hospital for the treatment of hyperthyroidism, excess production, also known as hyperthyroidism, is treated here. One of the typical signs of this illness that causes a constant, excruciating headache is flashes of light.
• Osteoarthritis
Given that it affects millions of individuals globally, it is one of the most prevalent types of arthritis. In this instance, the pliable tissues at the extremities of the bone deteriorate. Osteoarthritis symptoms include joint pain, swelling, joint discomfort, limping, crackling, and stiffening of joints. Exercise, weight loss, application of ice packs, and, in severe situations, arthroscopy are the methods used to treat the problem.

Physicians in LDA Lucknow – Complete Treatment Support

The Department of General Medicine offers hospitalized and outpatient clinic patients with complicated, uncommon, or undifferentiated medical issues specialized non-surgical care.

880 hospitalized patients are cared for by our busy facility each month. To treat the medical needs of our patients holistically, our service combines a thorough multidisciplinary team led by specialist physicians with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and specialist nursing staff. Additionally, we offer inpatient consultation-liaison services to other hospital departments.

In particular, for patients with various disorders, outpatient general medical clinics provide for the examination and care of complex and chronic diseases. We welcome recommendations from local or associated country general practitioners as well as community- or hospital-based specialists. Patients who are discharged from our program might also be given clinic appointments for follow-up care and to lower the likelihood that they will need to be hospitalized in the future.

The Department has a long history of encouraging the professional growth of aspiring health professionals and leaders. It houses students from several universities and academic fields, such as nursing, medicine, and allied health.


The greatest general medicine doctors in Lucknow working with other specialists, treatment options for more than 100 medical disorders, and worldwide standards of care and therapy make Criticare Hospital the ideal choice for a full recovery.

Since physical and mental health is equally important to us, we provide general medicine as well as various psychological views such counseling, direction, rehabilitation, behavioral therapies, and more. For a complete lifetime recovery, experience internal medicine therapies that are quicker, safer, and better.

Why Choose Criticare For General Physicians

• Fast Treatment – Every patient is promised the quickest healthcare service possible thanks to the integration of our health information system with contemporary tools and technologies.

• Modern Operation Theatre – We have a state-of-the-art operating room that is fully equipped with CT scanners, MRI machines, 3D ultrasound equipment, and Picture Achieving Communication System (PACS) technology to give only the best care.

Advance ambulances – The latest ambulances we have purchased have allowed us to provide more efficient and round-the-clock emergency services.

Cheap rate – With your overall health as our first priority, we also take into account your wallet by providing our services at the best prices on the market and making sure that we have the support of the widest range of insurance partners.

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