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Meet the Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Lucknow for Bones Medication

We have a great team of the best orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons in Lucknow that has extensive knowledge and have performed hundreds of victorious surgeries.
Having the best Orthopaedic Doctors we guarantee our patients with the best pre, intra, and post-operative care.

The ability to move our bodies freely and independently without any pain or stress is a boon we have that we often don’t mention.

As we age our nervous system is changing and as a result, our bones and muscles get affected. Muscles lose their capacity to contract and maintain less tone. Bones change their configuration which leads to the diminishment of bone tissues and subordinates the bone mass. This leads to more fragile bones.

The rate of orthopedic and joint replacement has increased by 12% as a section of the Indian population is aging exponentially.

Not only does being more geriatric lead us to be at risk of including joint pain or muscle stress, but also our daily habits can direct us to the same junction. In the era of being restorative and fit most people tear off their muscles by doing the wrong weight lifting exercising or doing poor yoga poses.

We have successfully carried out various surgeries such as
casualty and trauma, fractures, joint replacement, and others, that not only prove our expertise but also accentuate our best work done so far in Crtiticare Hospital Lucknow.


Our hospital Orthopaedic benefits are deemed one of the most suitable in the entire province. Our keen forte hospital supplies world-class treatment for several orthopedic ailments and sports damages.

The department contains a multispecialty class of surgical and clinical doctors who are proficient in their areas. Some of the remedies include Knee and Shoulder, various sports injuries, and arthroscopy. Some of its additional fortes include joint substitutes and complicated fracture control, cartilage transfers, and arthroscopic ligament reconstructions.

We have a unit of the best orthopedic counselors & surgeons in Lucknow, providing world-class therapy & a premium patient experience for all orthopedic disorders. Some of the generally treated conditions at the department of orthopedic and joint replacement include:

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The Department of Orthopedics & Joint Replacements provides the best orthopedic surgeon in Lucknow. Comprehensive talk and specialist sustenance for all orthopedic illnesses Over the years, we have pushed the limits of distinction and obtained transformational differences in the dynamism of our patients with path-breaking surgeries and operations. Dedication, loyalty, and a readiness to go beyond the call of our respondents have made us frontiersmen in orthopedics and joint replacement.

We are determined to supply medical resolutions for even the most difficult subjects for the usefulness of patients from around the world.

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The best hospital for orthopedic surgeries is Criticare Hospital.

There are drugs and physical therapy regimen that helps with the pain and reduces the chances of further inflammation.

While the diagnosis of osteoporosis can only be made by a trained physician after a physical examination and medical investigations, there are symptoms that point toward osteoporosis.

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