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Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

The spacious premise at Criticare provides an optimal healing environment to patients, enabling healthcare of the highest standards of excellence. When healthcare is concerned, the best outcomes can only be expected when skill and experience of the doctors is supported by the well-organized, well planned infrastructure.

The layout is designed around improved patient comfort, allowing for easier navigation to various departments for patients and their caregivers. Each room lets in natural sunlight, with plenty of ventilation and space, keeping patients comfortable and giving them the highest chance of success.

Patient-centric design

Architectural models revolve around improving patient comfort and providing new and timely care to each individual. The layout is designed to improve patient comfort, allowing patients and their caregivers to easily move to different departments. This allows the patient to focus on treatment without additional stress.

World-Class Technology

Criticare treats all patients with the latest technology and advanced equipment to ensure safety and ethics at every stage. We continually update our technology to reflect industry advances, enabling patients to be accurate, patient comfortable, and personalized in their treatment, providing patients with comprehensive care that promotes success.

Comfortable environment

From light to space in each room, patient comfort is a major component of our infrastructure. The placement of the room and waiting area maintains a visual connection to the external environment for optimal physical orientation. Each room takes in natural light and has ample ventilation and space to ensure that the patient is comfortable.

World-class outpatient facilities

Our renowned hospital outpatient facilities provide the highest levels of comfort for all patients, enabling seamless treatment and consultation. Our waiting area is spacious and offers natural views. This makes the patient's waiting time easier and more comfortable. At our outpatient department, both patients and caregivers can be treated in a quick and relaxed way.

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