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Department Of ENT

Department Of ENT

Get Treatment from the Best ENT doctor in Lucknow

Criticare has the one of the best faculty, facilities, and equipment is the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) in Lucknow. As it is, otorhinolaryngology is no longer solely dependent on routine outdoor assessment and conservative care. With the development of medical technology, the department has adapted successfully. 

The department now effectively and precisely treats a variety of ear, nose, throat, and neck ailments thanks to the top ENT surgeons and the development of advanced telescopes, operating microscopes, and lasers. Modern microscopes are available at the department to perform cochlear implants and other micro-ear surgery. 

All forms of endoscopic sinus procedures, including transnasal pituitary surgery and surgery for CSF rhinorrhea, can be performed using video endoscopy facilities and nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopes for diagnostic purposes.

Reach and Consult with The Best ENT Surgeon in Lucknow

There are also procedures for improving the voice and micro laryngeal surgery. For patients with voice problems, there is a special Voice Clinic that is held once a week. This also applies to the investigative technique of videolaryngostroboscopy. The novel procedure of sialendoscopy is used to treat conditions affecting the salivary glands.

Our department has Top ENT surgeons and has top facilities in Lucknow for sialadenoscope-assisted endoscopic removal of salivary stones. The prevalence of sleep problems, particularly snoring and sleep apnea, is rising. Both adult and pediatric airway diseases are referred to our department.

What We Treat

Our otolaryngologist, often known as an ENT physician, is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of disorders that affect the head, neck, and areas in and around the ears, nose, and throat.

These are typical ailments they might treat:

  • Ringing in ears.
  • Allergies (seasonal or perennial)
  • Inflammation in the sinuses due to sensitivity or infections.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Polyps (noncancerous masses) inside the nose.
  • Throat or vocal cord issues that cause voice hoarseness.
  • Tonsillar infections and enlarged tonsils.
  • Giddiness and vertigo.

Our Top ENT surgeons have the specialization in following areas:

ENT Specialist in Lucknow – Your One-Stop Medical Assistance

Otology/neurotology: Ear conditions like nerve pathway disorders and injuries that impair balance and hearing.
Offering a wide range of surgical services, such as tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, stapedectomy, cochlear implants, and BAHA implants, in addition to managing all ear diseases in both adults and children.
Facial nerve paralysis and CSF otorrhea management are also covered. We successfully manage a cochlear implant program using cutting-edge audiology equipment.

Pediatric otolaryngology: Conditions affecting kids with unique ENT issues, such as head-and-neck birth abnormalities and developmental delays.
In addition to cochlear implantation and rehabilitation, endoscopic video-assisted adenoidectomy, surgery for choanal atresia, congenital laryngeal problems like laryngomalacia, laryngotracheal stenosis, and foreign body removal from the bronchus and esophagus are just a few of the ENT issues we treat in children. The pediatrics, neonatology, and anesthesiology departments provide us with excellent support.

Facial and reconstructive surgery: Treatment of anomalies of the face and neck through cosmetic, functional, and reconstructive surgery
Rhinology: Nasal and sinus conditions.

Laryngology: Treatment of throat disorders, including voice disorders, through medicine, immunotherapy, and/or avoidance of certain foods, dust, and other sensitivities.

Voice pathology: At every regular interval, with the help of the best speech therapist available in Lucknow, we offer a voice clinic to address issues with the voice. With Dr. Speech and Stroboscopy as a part of the clinic, our services meet the highest standards around the world. Thyroplasty and other micro laryngeal procedures are frequently carried out.
A specialized swallowing clinic provides treatment for patients with swallowing difficulties. When it comes to treating pediatric swallowing issues, we are experts. It includes procedures like FEES, video fluoroscopy, and therapy sessions.

Children’s Otolaryngology:
In addition to cochlear implantation and rehabilitation, endoscopic video-assisted adenoidectomy, surgery for choanal atresia, congenital laryngeal problems like laryngomalacia, laryngotracheal stenosis, and foreign body removal from the bronchus and esophagus are just a few of the ENT issues we treat in children. We have excellent assistance from pediatrics.

When should I see an ENT doctor?

If you experience any of the following signs, you should consult an ENT doctor:

  • When an issue lasts more than a week or two, it may indicate permanent ear damage, even though transitory problems can occasionally occur. It’s possible that if your ears are ringing nonstop that you have. is occasionally a precursor to hearing loss. However, it might also indicate another kind of hearing issue.
  • Sinus-related pain includes ear, face, upper back, and nose pain. These parts of your face could be painful and swollen, and if the inflammation persists for many days, it might be a sign of something more serious.
  • Persistent nasal: Symptoms that make breathing difficult or a blocked nose may be present.

ENT Facilities

We are the most recognized ENT hospital in Lucknow. A full-fledged ENT department is outfitted to perform specialty procedures and standard checks. It offers patients consulting and referral services. The services are in line with what other departments, like ophthalmology and dentistry, need.


  • Laryngoscopy Direct.
  • Oesophagoscopy.
  • Hypopharyngoscopy.
  • Audiometry.
  • Electronic.
  • Tympanometry.
  • Speech Therapy and Evaluation.
  • All major operations.
  • Effective speech and hearing therapy facilities.

Why Choose Criticare

The best ENT specialist and staff at our hospital work to comprehend your supply chain requirements in order to minimize pain spots and boost workplace productivity at your practice. We combine the clinical knowledge of ear, nose, and throat specialists with our business skills in establishing and managing supplier agreements.

Across Lucknow, ENT experts are observing a number of changes in the way that healthcare is delivered, including an increase in outpatient treatment, technological advancements, and growing expenses.

We follow these processes to give our patients the best possible recovery.

  • Practice operations improvement icon.
  • Boost your practice procedures.
  • Raise awareness of patient care.
  • Improve patient care.
  • We do away with the requirement that physicians devote time away from patient care to contract negotiations with suppliers.
  • Contact a market-leading partner icon
  • Join forces with a top industry partner.

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Yes. In our hospital, we have the best and most knowledgeable otolaryngologist.

Ear, nose, and throat (ENT). Our doctors have specialized knowledge in treating ear diseases. Specialists have experience treating ear diseases medically and surgically.

You can anticipate that your doctor will make a diagnosis and advise either medicinal or surgical treatment. Your doctor will develop a descriptive diagnosis in the event that additional testing is necessary.

For older children with post-lingual deafness, speech discrimination, standard pure tone, and aided free field tests are conducted.

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