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How To Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or planning for a baby then you might be worried about stretch marks. Stretch marks or striae distensae are marks that appear on your skin when it gets stretched. Stretch marks appear as a result of your middle layer of skin or underlying tissue tearing from being stretched so tightly. Now, You might be wondering when stretch marks appear during pregnancy. So, Stretch marks often appear later during pregnancy as the skin stretches as a result of weight gain, and to accommodate the growing baby and uterus. Let’s understand how you can remove stretch marks after pregnancy. 

  • Use A Specific Cream 

Specialized creams that are suggested by your gynecologist can be the simplest way to treat stretch marks after pregnancy. You can also consult with the Best Gynaecologist in Lucknow for specialized stretch marks cream. Instead of cream, you can also use aloe vera gel,  honey scrub, or sugar scrub to treat your stretch marks. 

While using aloe vera gel you have to follow a few steps. The first step is to rub the aloe vera gel directly over your stretch marks. Then, leave the aloe vera gel on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply twice per day as needed.

To use sugar scrub, you have to mix one tablespoon of sugar with almond oil then add a few drops of lemon juice. Use this mixture as a scrub before you take a shower. Do this after consulting with your doctor. 

While using honey scrub you should apply honey to a small cloth. After that place the cloth over your stretch marks. Leave it on your targeted area until the honey dries. Then, rinse off the honey using warm water.

  • Proper Massage with Oil 

You can massage the skin of your hips, belly, and bust to treat stretch marks after pregnancy. A gentle massage on your stretch marks with the help of warm oil can reduce the dryness and itching. Apply some oil to the palms of your hands and then gently massage your belly. Focus on this area for two- to five minutes, reapplying oil as needed. You can also take suggestions from your gynecologist for specific oils. 

  • Use Moisturizer for Healing Stretch Marks

Moisturization is one of the important steps for treating stretch marks. By following a proper moisturizer you can maintain your skin’s protective outer layer. Regular moisturization can help in smoothning your skin, making stretch marks less appearance. Moisturizers calm irritated skin and provide relief from discomfort that occurs due to stretch marks. Always try to choose skin care products that are made up of natural ingredients. For selecting the right moisturizer you can consult with the doctor of the Best private hospital in Lucknow

  • Use Reusable Ice Packs 

You can use reusable ice packs on your stretch marks. Rubbing ice on the stretch marks reduces inflammation and swelling on the stretch mark. A reusable ice pack that is stored in a freezer makes it quick and easy to apply. You can also wrap the cold pack in a towel or pillowcase so that the ice doesn’t come directly into contact with your skin. Hold it on your skin for up to eight to ten minutes. Repeat this process that has stretch marks.  

  • Medical Treatments to Remove Stretch Marks after Pregnancy  

Medical treatments such as chemical peels can help in forming a new skin layer. Laser therapy helps in stretch marks removal. It involves removing, vaporizing, and breaking down affected skin tissues to enhance new cell production.  Retinol, collagen and elastin, essential oils, jojoba oil, and shea butter are cost-effective and convenient ways to reduce stretch marks. 

  • Use Egg White Peel 

Egg whites contain protein, potassium, magnesium, and more nutrients. These nutrients can help in healing stretch marks. To use egg white peel for stretch marks you have to follow some steps. Take a small bowl and add 2 egg whites from their yolks. Then whisk the egg whites until they are foamy apply them on the stretch marks and after 15 minutes rinse off the white peel with warm water and pat the skin dry with a soft towel. 

  • Use Coconut Oil 

To use coconut oil, you have to thoroughly rub this oil onto stretch marks and there is no need to wipe it off because it contains many ingredients that are good for your skin. Coconut oil’s fatty acids are easily absorbed into the skin. Coconut oil can act as a protective barrier on the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Stretch marks often appear later during pregnancy as the skin stretches appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, or other places on the body. Stretch marks aren’t painful or harmful, but some people don’t like the way they make their skin look. Through these methods, you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and help them fade more quickly. Make sure that you consult with your gynecologist before using these methods. 

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