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Safety Tips For Asthma Patients To Enjoy Safe Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights, joy, and celebration, and illuminates everyone’s home with happiness and positivity. During Diwali, individuals with asthma can face challenges due to increased air pollution but with proper precautions and following a few safety tips, asthma patients can still enjoy this festival. Here we will tell you about the safety tips for asthma patients during the Festival of Lights. 

Avoid Dusting 

Asthma patients need to avoid dusting at home before Diwali. It can increase exposure to potential allergens, dust mites, airborne particles, and mold spores which can cause breathing problems or other respiratory issues in those patients. Dusting often involves the removal of fine particles from a dirty place and these particles can remain suspended in the surroundings which can trigger respiratory issues and symptoms. 

On the other hand, the fumes of chemical products that are used for cleaning can contribute to breathing difficulties. That’s why it is advised by doctors to avoid dusting. 

Stay Indoors and Use a Mask 

Diwali celebrations include fireworks activities in the late evening or night. In these specific times, Asthma patients should consider staying indoors during such activities to decrease the exposure to smoke which occurs due to fireworks. You can enjoy this festival without exposing yourself to excessive smoke. 

You can also use air purifiers inside your home which can help in removing pollutants and allergens. It also traps small particles which promote cleaner air for breathing. 

Using a mask while going outside during Diwali can prevent fumes from entering your respiratory pathway. Wearing a mask acts as a shield which can minimize exposure to smoke and various pollutants. You can also choose an anti-pollution face mask that can prevent environmental toxins from entering your respiratory tract. While facing severe issues you can visit Multispeciality Hospital in Lucknow which offers the right healthcare support. 

Whereas, if you are going to attend any gatherings or celebrations at your friend’s home then inform them about your asthma condition. In such a way, you can take steps to minimise smoke exposure during Diwali celebration. 

Stay Hydrated 

Increased air pollution levels during Diwali can cause various problems for asthma patients and hydration helps in maintaining your respiratory health. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent hyperacidity and it helps in mucus clearance from the respiratory system. 

Take a Healthy Diet 

Delicious food and sweets are a significant part of Diwali celebrations. That’s why it is necessary to watch out for your oil and sweets intake. Consuming excessive sweets and fried food items can elevate your health problems. Choose cooking oils that are low in trans fats or low in saturated because these are much healthier than high saturated fats oil. Eat healthier snacks such as fresh fruits, dry fruits, and nuts, and be mindful while eating sweets. 

Deep Breathing Exercise 

You can engage in deep breathing exercise which may help in improving lung capacity and promotes the clearance of impurities from the lungs. You can also consult a doctor to understand various breathing exercises. Asthma patients must keep their emergency medicines or inhalers nearby and make sure to follow the medications properly dug this time. 

Many asthma patients face respiratory issues during Diwali due to smoke or any other factor in such conditions. It is necessary to consult doctors of the Best Emergency Hospital in Lucknow so that you can get the right guidance. Fireworks can trigger your asthma symptoms so you should practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga to manage your stress and promote overall respiratory well-being. 

After Diwali celebrations, you should take some time for your self-care and monitor the air quality of your nearby places before stepping outside. 


It is essential for asthma patients to follow a few safety tips during Diwali in order to reduce respiratory issues. Celebrating smoke-free Diwali and taking care of yourself is necessary for each asthma patient. It will significantly reduce the risk of asthma triggers and minimise the risks of asthma attacks. Take precautions and keep knowledge about the nearest medical store and hospital which provides emergency services.

Criticare Hospital provides emergency services and other healthcare facilities to its patients. As we described a few safety tips during Diwali for asthma patients, these tips can help in maintaining the balance between festive celebrations and personal well-being. 

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